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Internet Trading Password
Computer or Mobile Device
Check your account regularly
  • Select a password that is difficult and not easy to guess (at least 8 digits of contain both upper and lower case letters and numbers).

  • Must change your password regularly.

  • Do not disclose your trading password to anyone, include our company staff.

  • Avoid accessing your online account with public computers.

  • Avoid accessing unknown and unsecure networks to login your trading account or any online trading.

  • Should be install reputable anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware programmes and regular update them as, ensure secure for using computer for online trading.

  • Log off your online session after use.

  • When you notice any suspicious transactions in the account, report to us and suspend the account, immediately to avoid further loss.

  • If you are unable to access your online trading account for any reason, contact us immediately.

If should be noted that the above control measures and techniques are by no means exhaustive. You may visit the Investor Education Centre’s website to obtain further security tips when trading online: .

Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

An extra layer of security can help to prevent hacking. The Securities and Futures Commission has made it a requirement to implement 2FA when clients log-in to their online investment accounts. 
You may visit the Investor Education Centre’s website to obtain further 2FA information:

The First Step of Authentication:

Provide the login ID and Password

The Second Step of Authentication:
(Via Mobile Message SMS)

One-Time Password (OTP) would be sent to your registered Mobile Number shortly. Enter and finish the 2FA procedure.
1. Must be use the registered Mobile Number to receive One-Time Password (OTP).
2. Please enter the One-Time Password (OTP) in effective time.
3. The One-Time Password (OTP) is time sensitive and can only be used once, receive the One-Time Password (OTP) again when enter error / time expired.
4. If you provide incomplete information or changed the Mobile Number, Please contact our Customer Service Department immediately. Otherwise, 2FA cannot be completed and cannot use the Online Trading System.
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