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Service Charges Table

Securities Service Charges Table
Our company reserves the right to adjust the charges bellow without prior notice    

Trade-related services

  • Brokerage Commission Min: HK$75 (On gross trade amount)

  • Stamp Duty(Charged by HKSAR government): 0.1%, Round up to the nearest dollar (On gross trade amount)

  • Trading Fee(Charged by the HKEX) :0.00565% (On gross trade amount)

  • FRC Transaction Levy(Charged by the HKEX):0.00015%(On gross trade amount)

  • Transaction LevyCharged by the SFC) :0.0027% (On gross trade amount)

  • CCASS Settlement Fee 0.011%, max:HK$200, min:HK$3 (On gross trade amount)

Scrip handling and settlement-related services

  • Physical Scrip Deposit Fee: $5 – stamp duty per transfer deed

  • Physical Scrip Withdrawal Fee : $5 – per board lot per stock; min:$100 (Round up to the nearest board lot)

  • Settlement Instruction Fee - Delivery: Market Price 0.002%; plus $100 per stock per each instruction (Use previous closing price)

Nominee services and corporation actions

  • Collection Fee of Cash Dividend: 0.5%, min $10 (On gross trade amount)

  • Scrip Fee: $2.5 per board lot through CCASS

  • Corporation Action Fee:$1.5 per board lot; min: $20 (Include Exercise, Subscription, Excess Right Application, Privatization, Cash/Open etc.)

  • Claim Dividend:$300;0.5%, min $30 ; plus CCASS handling charges $300 (On gross trade amount)


  • Interest rate for Cash Clients - Overdue debit balances in the account: Prime + 10% pa.

  • Returned Cheque Fee: $120 per transaction

  • Stop Payment Fee (Including bank charges) : $150 per transaction

  • EIPO Application: $40 per application form 

  • Postal Daily and Monthly Statement fee: $50 per month

  • Inactive Account Service Fee (No trading activity for 12 months or above): $150 per semi-annually

Shenzhen, Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Service Charges Table

  • Brokerage Commission: min: RMB$75

  • Settlement Fee: 0.002%;max:RMB$100,min:RMB$2

  • Handling Fee:  0.00487% of the consideration of a transaction per side

  • Securities Management Fee: 0.00200% of the consideration of a transaction per side

  • Transfer Fee: 0.00200% of the face value of a transaction per side

  • Stamp duty : Only charge the seller turnover 0.10000%

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